Friday, March 1, 2013

Information about Bed Bugs

When you inspect your bed, a bed bug infestation may look like this

The wall plate over an electrical outlet is one of their favorite places to hide, especially the one hidden behind your bed.  Make sure you pull the bed away from the wall to inspect it on a regular basis.  The small black spots on the wall in the photo are the fecal spots bed bugs leave behind, and are a good indication you have bed bugs.

The spots do not always come from bed bugs.  The fecal matter that roaches and flys leave behind can look similar to bed bug fecal spots to the untrained eye.  If you see any spots like this on the walls in your home or especially on our sheets, pillows, or mattresses, let me know right away and I will identify what pest it is and come up with a plan for remediating it.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TREAT BED BUGS ON YOUR OWN!!!  Report the problem to me, allow me to resolve it for you.  All you will accomplish is making the problem worse, which will result in the treatment being more expensive than it would have been otherwise had I been notified promptly.