Saturday, September 8, 2012

Price Change

As of this morning, the prices for rent and for security deposits have changed as follows:

September 2012 Leases $1175
October 2012 Leases $1205

The security deposit is $500 + a surety bond (Value of surety bond is $1000)  

Refundable Security deposit = $500

Non refundable Premium for surety bond = $175
Total needed for deposit and bond (not including rent) = $675

Total needed to move in = 1 month of rent + security deposit + bond

You don't have to use a surety bond!  If you'd rather not use a surety bond, you can elect to replace the $1000 value of the bond by adding $1000 to your deposit for a total refundable deposit of $1500.

Garages will continue to be $225 (month to month) and $200 per month for a 12 month lease that accompanies a 12 month lease for a studio.