Sunday, June 24, 2012


What happensif I break my lease?
     While I do require a 12 month lease for all new residents, there is no "early termination penalty" if you're forced to move early.  You are simply obligated to pay the monthly rent until your apartment is re-rented to someone else.  Once the new resident's lease begins, yours ends and your obligation to pay continuing rent ends with it.  The lease prohibits you from subleasing or subletting the apartment.  You can certainly refer renters to me, but I'll be renting the apartment to the new resident.

The reason for the 12 month lease term is because I want to avoid short term tenancies as much as I can.  I wish to rent to people who plan to stay for at least 12 months, but I also realize stuff happens which is out of your control that may force you to leave early, which is why I have crafted these lease terms the way I have, to help protect my residents, and my property. 

What utilities or other expense are covered?
     The property pays for your water, and for the energy that heats your hot water, as well as the dumpster pick up.  Please keep in mind the dumpsters are available for you to use for regular weekly household trash. If you have a large amount of garbage to throw away (enough to prevent us from making it to the next pick up without filling up completely), or items that are not allowed to be placed in the dumpsters, you'll need to pay for the disposal of those items yourself.

Residents must pay for their own video/internet/phone services, their own electric service, as well as anything else they'll need.  There is no gas in your apartment, so you wont need to worry about that.

How do I transfer the PGE account to my name, or initiate new service if I don't already have an account with PGE?
     Simply visit PGE's website to transfer the service here to your own account, and to stop service at your old address.  If you moving from out of the area and don't already a PGE account for your old address, you can also initiate new service at that website.  If you can't access the internet or if you need help, you can call them at 800-743-5000 and they'll help you get it squared away.