Sunday, January 1, 2017

Future Vacancies

Available dates are approximate:

Odd numbers are located on the first floor, even numbers are located on the second floor.

Available Now!

Unit D10:  Ready to Rent!  $1650
Unit E08:  Rented!
Unit B08:  Ready to rent!  $1575  This is the last one at this price get it now!!
Unit C05:  Rented!
Unit D07:  Coming available approx. 3/21/16:  $1650


Check back here once a week or so.  Future vacancies will be posted here as I become aware of them.

All dates are approximate, and may change based on the actual date the apartment is vacated, and on the condition of the apartment when it is vacated.

There are two ways to receive automatic notifications about future vacancies. you can click the "like" button on my facebook page or follow me on Twitter.